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We appreciate you for taking a moment to tell your senator to stand with developers. Your call puts us one step closer to stopping The American Innovation and Choice Online Act from undermining our app ecosystem and developers’ livelihoods.


Use the below talking points when making your call:

The tech bill—which aims to prevent Big Tech from leveraging their digital marketplaces to benefit their services—underwent revisions after concerns arose that it could stifle innovation, harm consumers, and jeopardize cybersecurity. However, even with the changes, S. 2992 would make it harder for developers and app businesses to create and distribute products by:

– Making it harder to advertise across platforms

– Restricting integration of useful features like maps

– Eliminating single sign-on

– Reducing the value of user ads

The bill sponsors continue to ignore calls from software industry professionals to hold public hearings, driving home their eagerness to regulate tech companies at the expense of developers.

Now, AICOA is on its way to the Senate floor and a subsequent House vote despite rampant bipartisan concerns. We need your help to stop S. 2992 from becoming law.



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