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In 2022, we launched Our Apps, Our Business, a developer-led advocacy initiative to ensure Congress understands our priorities as they write laws and policies that could disrupt the app ecosystem and hinder innovation. We’ve educated audiences about the implications of key bills, and activated more than 15,000 people who signed a petition asking Congress to consult with us on major pieces of legislation. We’re asking you to add your voice to our campaign, and in return, you’ll be entered for the chance to win up to $250 in Udemy courses of your choice.

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Recent legislation could greatly impact tech industry professionals

Congress is advancing bills that could make it harder for developers to create and distribute their products, slowing down the growth of small app-based businesses.

S. 2992

“American Innovation and Choice Online Act”

The bill aims to prevent leading tech companies from leveraging their position to unfairly benefit their own products and services, but could make it harder to advertise across platforms, restrict the integration of useful features like maps, eliminate single sign-on, and reduce the value of user ads.

S. 2710 / H.R. 7030

“Open App Markets Act”

Both versions of the bill aim to allow third-party apps, stores, and billing systems onto leading platforms, but could shift compliance and liability of third-party apps to developers and do nothing to prevent conflicting obligations from overlapping state laws.

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We’re a global network supporting the software industry’s growth through education, connection, and advocacy.

The Developers Alliance represents more than 70,000 app developers, software engineers, and innovators across 35 countries. We bring our community’s questions, concerns, and ideas to government officials, tech executives, and anyone else whose work might impact the livelihoods of developers.

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